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Transform your mental health with Ketamine Therapy

Join the hundreds of participants who have experienced lasting relief from anxiety and depression after just one retreat


Miami, FL December 15-17
Pawling, NY January 12-14
Miami, FL January 12-14
Denver, CO January 19-21
Washington, D.C. February 9-11

For more information or for in person 1-1 sessions email us at:


94% of clients in our follow up survey reported 5/5 as their retreat experience


Floresta is a team of clinicians, doctors, coaches, pioneers and those that dare to be the change that is required within mental health and psychiatry. Have you been in therapy for years, tried countless medications or know that there is something more than what is currently being offered within mental health?

We are here to facilitate an increase in awareness and consciousness as we blend Western medical and psychotherapeutic methods with diverse Eastern and Indigenous practices. Working with psychedelic medicine can allow for clarity, healing, insight and creating with choice. We are here to let you know there is another way.


Ketamine is a safe medication that has been used for decades, and is currently prescribed off-label to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addiction, and other mental health issues.

Ketamine promotes neuroplasticity to rewire neural pathways, allowing participants to reshape perspectives and achieve mental health breakthroughs.

Up to 90% of people treated with ketamine therapy report a decrease in depression and anxiety compared to conventional psychiatry, with results often seen after the first treatment.

Sitting Meditation


Jodi H.

"Floresta created a safe place that was ideal for letting go and receiving a truly spectacular experience. I felt so much support from the professionals in charge. This is an intense and very spiritual approach to letting go and being open to new possibilities and insights."
Yoga Retreat
Therapy Session
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